By: Tracey Flanigan

Winter Market Update

February 14, 2018

Tags: Homes in Burlington, Market Update, Oakville, Hamilton

Happy Winter!

Winter in 2018 is certainly making its presence known – even in real estate.  With the harsh conditions, sales have been slower than the last few years when we didn’t have as much snow on the ground or arctic temperatures.  After a roller coaster market ride in 2017, the outlook for 2018 is looking more balanced which should return market prices to ones that can be measured.   Having said that inventory is low this time of year so if you’re thinking of waiting to list you may want to reconsider and do it now while there isn’t much competition.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell this year and would like an idea of what options you have at your price point just let me know.  If you currently own and will need to sell your home, we can work on a strategy to make sure you are protected 
with your purchase and sale.

In case you’re wondering what my plans are for 2018 – I will be purchasing an investment property.  There are many options for investment from single to multi-unit in various areas, it will take research and legwork
however I feel the real estate market is more stable than the stock market for the future growth of my investment.   If you’d like more information on what I am doing feel free to reach out.

Stay warm and let’s hope for an early Spring!